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Work Comp Woes!

Don’t let an injured employee cost you your company!

Unless you are ready to hand your company over to an employee, you SHOULD be carrying workers’ comp coverage!

Many Texas employers have the mind set: “Texas doesn’t require me to carry workers’ comp, so therefore, I don’t need it!”

Not that simple.  Just because you do not carry workers’ comp, does not mean you are off the hook!

Not only can an injured employee sue you for all medical expenses and lost wages; they can sue you for punitive damages, and pain and suffering (AND WILL WIN).

As an employer who doesn’t carry workers’ comp, you CANNOT use the 3 common defenses in court:

  • Employee’s own negligence caused injury
  • Fellow employee’s negligence caused injury
  • Employee knew the danger of job, but accepted it

IN SHORT…going without workers’ comp could COST YOU YOUR BUSINESS!

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