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Why YOU should check your employee’s driving record!

As an employer, YOU bear the responsibility to know if an employee has something in their driving background that could potentially create a risk or harm to others. If you do not take the proper steps in obtaining your employees’ driving records and give them authorization to operate a vehicle for company business, you are only hurting your business by increasing your chances of a serious claim-REGARDLESS of whether the employee was in a company vehicle or their personal vehicle.
What is referred to as “Negligent Entrustment” is when a company knew, OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, that it put an unsafe driver behind the wheel.

Some factors that determine an unsafe driver include:
Driving With A Suspended License
Driving Without A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) When Required
A Driving Record With Several At-Fault Accidents or Moving Violations

An employer can reduce their exposure to negligent entrustment by having a formal fleet safety program that is implemented and documented. Some examples include:
Review of Potential Drivers’ Motor Vehicle Reports
New Employee Orientation & Training
Ongoing Driver Training
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Disciplinary Procedures

To download the entire bulletin regarding negligent entrustment, click here

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