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Agency Awareness!

Do they know your business?
Do you know your agent? Do you trust your agent? Do they explain your policies to you at least once a year? More importantly: Does your agent KNOW what you do?

It is more common than not for agents to misclassify a company’s operations. This goes for contractors, sub-contractors, etc… Mistakes like this typically remain unoticed unless there is a large claim that isn’t covered, or if you are audited and the carrier makes many changes.

There are larger problems you face by choosing an agent who doesn’t know your industry and how it works. These agent’s policies usually have MANY exclusions that specifically relate to the type of work you are doing…Unfortunately, you will not know until a claim is DENIED!

If your agent does not know your business, chances are, they are putting you with a carrier who doesn’t know either!

SERVICE is another important factor when determining if your agent is right for you.  As an insured, you should be able to receive the following items within the same day of a request:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Copies of Policies
  • Auto ID cards, changes, etc…


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